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Winter is here!

No room report this week although I have acquired a better microphone - more of that later! Instead a quick plug for the Lunar Development Conference 2023. It will be organised with two parallel tracks over the 15-16 July, and a commemoration of the first Lunar landing on the July 20. The 2023 theme is "Short-Term Needs, Long-Term Goals" and here is the conference logo:

Speaking of logo, Moonbase Lappträsk will need one as well - maybe a stylised picture of the building, on the moon with Earth rising in the backgropund? Comments welcome. It is now rather warm again, but there has been a fair bit of snow and quite cold. Well, a fair bit of snow and quite cold compared to what I am used to, but around a dm of snow cover and -19 Celcius one night in November is certainly nothing the neighbours write home about.

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