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Stairs in urgent need of repairs.

Ok, those may be nowhere near what an entrance to the moonbase would look like - but, they are in dire need of a substantial renovation. Thus, this will be my priority project for the near future. Come to think of it, stairs will likely be required around a moonbase too. There are alternatives to Portland cement, such as the Starcrete suggested by a research group in Manchester, Now, potato starch may sound like a good idea and I believe their recipy will require less lunar-rare minerals than ordinary cement does, but still there is a way to go from potato starch if we want to avoid binding scarce resources in large construction elements. Now, the slabs on top of those stairs are slate, which is another material not formed on the moon. There are basalt slabs available that are similar in look and quite as strong, though, so there we have a fully compatible lunar derived alternative. I can keep the slabs! :D The weather has been nice this spring, and it is almost summer.

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