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Production categories

The overarching aim is to reach complete self-sufficiency for a small group of people, say 1000, using only materials and energy available on the moon. Although that does necessitate small-scale and low-tech solutions, a single school building is still not large enough to house the complete set of required technologies, not to mention the 1000 settlers. Thus, the goal of the Moonbase Lappträsk analogue project is to identify and demonstrate a representative set of manufacturing processes that as fas as practicable mimics what would be necessary for a moon colony. Any omissions will be motivated and quantified as far as possible. The scale of included processes may differ and thus a fully closed system is not considered a likely outcome although material flows will be quantified and relevant scaling factors will be calculated. The processes will be divided into the four categories shown below.

The Mine


  • Air, water, metal, nutrients, silicon, ...


  • Photovoltaics, Heat engines

The Factory

  • Equipment and tools

  • Pressurised space, containment, furniture

  • Clothing, spacesuits.

  • ...

The Greenhouse

Food (aquaponics?)

Air and water recycling, laundry


The Habitat


Eating, cooking,




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Plans for the building

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