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About Us

Our vision

Moonbase Lappträsk, founded in 2022 with the acquisition of the Lappträsk old school, is driven by a vision - to enable human colonization of the Moon. Our primary objective is to create validator processes that seamlessly connect all aspects of life on the Moon. By leveraging locally available resources and energy, we are determined to establish self-sustaining human settlements on our celestial neighbor.

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Embracing Low-Tech Solutions

A guiding principle of our approach lies in the ability to replace equipment and materials using in-situ resources within our system. This necessitates a preference for low-tech solutions whenever possible. By reducing the number of different equipment types, we ensure long-term sustainability and a simplified maintenance process.


Redefining Self-Sufficiency

Our mission extends beyond simply surviving in isolation. We aspire to bring together all the essential elements necessary to sustain a small human community without relying on external material exchange. While we acknowledge the importance of collaboration with the rest of the world, we strongly advocate for communities that are capable of producing vital resources and capabilities from local sources. This resilience ensures the continuous well-being and progress of our lunar colony.

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Building the Future - On Earth and Beyond

Moonbase Lappträsk takes pride in crafting a terrestrial moonbase analogue that serves as a stepping stone towards a fully self-sufficient lunar colony. Our endeavor does not solely revolve around the Moon; we recognize that other celestial bodies like Mars and Ceres share similar requirements. In due course, we will address the challenges and opportunities presented by these off-Earth locations.

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About the center

Moonbase Lappträsk is located in the old school house of the village Lappträsk, in the North of Sweden between Luleå and Haparanda. There are many ways to get here: by air to Luleå via Stockholm or to Rovaniemi in Finland, by train (e.g. by sleeper from Stockholm to Boden) to Kalix or by private car. Our stellar, or rather more lunar, location also puts us in the middle Nordic wilderness, with very dark winters and very bright summers, although a little bit South of the polar circle.

Of possible interest to some, our football field is used by Lappträsk Sport Club, and our 18-hole golf course (crazy golf) is currently undergoing major refurbishements including convincing ant colonies to relocate as well as general weed removal.

Get involved

At Moonbase Lappträsk, we are driven by the belief that human ingenuity, resourcefulness, and collaboration can transform the Moon into a thriving home for humanity. As we embark on this extraordinary journey, we invite you to join us in turning the Moon into a second home for future generations. Together, let's build a brighter future, not just on Earth, but among the stars.

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