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Greenhouse 1: Hydroponics started - I think it is LFT

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

This photo shows one of several spinach seedlings currently enjoying hydroculture in the "Greenhouse" of Moonbase Lappträsk. That it is a huge relief after my less than tender care is evident by it turning quite green after a pale yellowness which I took as a sign of too much sun and too little water. Now, a lemontree was already present in "Greenhouse 0", although in a pot. The difference now is that the plants now are not potted in soil but in a sewage pipe with fertilised water (commercial fertiliser). Thus it is part of a hydroponics system and once we get some fish in we intend to use them for fertilising, thus turning hydroponics into aquaponics. Also, we will add more "windowsills" and not keep them restrained to boarded up real windows - an advantage with not having any windows is that you can prepare there are windows wherever you want them. I think the hydroponics system would be categorised as Liquid Film Technique, since there is liquid in tubes and they are not full. It is actually not just a film, though, but the tubes remain quarter full. Not sure that will give enough air to the roots, but the Kratky bucket I tried last year seemed to work and now the water is moving and even cascading through pipes that have plenty air in them, so it should be more oxygen that way, right?

Apart from the greenhouse seing some progress, the stairs renovation is progressing, and a bit faster after I borrowed a concrete mixer to use instead of a bucket.

And the weather has been way too warm! I guess the heat seekers amongst you may disagree, but I try to stay inside when the temperature go over 25 degrees Celsius. Yesterday some rain came and it is now a bit cooler. A picture from a very misty morning after rain.

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