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Lunar Development Conference, LDC2022, first day

First day of the conferencewas yesterday July 20th (the second day is Saturday, the 23d). We celebrated the 53d anniversary of the first moon landing with a toast to the moon and making the first footprint in lunar regolith simulant at Moonbase Lappträsk. Presentations included last years winner of the Moon Society Design contest with layouts and renderings. An interesting recurring discussion through the day was the meaning of the word "sustainable" in the context of people on the moon, ranging from "politically sustainable" meaning that it is feasible to send people there, through"biologically sustainable" and "economically sustainable" (not necessarily in that order) to my other extreme of the spectrum "fully self-sustainable" meaning able to survive being abandoned.

I am looking forward to the program for Saturday with several very interesting topics and speakers.

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Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a lot of fun! Definitely worth watching the recordings on YouTube. And I agree with your version of sustainable. If settlements can't survive completely on their own then they are not really sustainable.

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