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Happy Moon Year!

Happy New Year, and my the new year bring humanity a bit closser to becoming a multiplanetary species. Of course, we do count the moon as a planet in this context, being the closest extraterrestrial body and with significant amounts of raw materials useful in creating a viable colony.

No video this time, and we will take a break in video production, resuming when we have a bit of a marketing strategy and an audience for current videos. Instead a couple of spectrometer screens, using the Theromino spectrometer software and a cheap webcam spectrometer with a slit and a grid to create the spectrum. The takeaway from those is that light is not that simple but there is a lot of it available on the moon. Well, it is available daytime, and remember that night is a forthnight long there. Whether to use LED at night or if plants can survive that long darkness is one piece of research we may do in the greenhouse.

Lappträsk blue November sky through tripple glazing.

Lappträsk blue November sky without glass.

Sunlight spectrum without atmosphere (e.g. on the moon).

"Full spectrum growlight" - slightly low on the greens because plants obviously reject those anyway. Also very low on non-visible light, which may or may not reflect the needs of plants.

And of course a picture from the week. The sun is still struggling, but does rise at least a little.

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