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First landing at the moonbase

Ok, this is my very first post of what is intended to become a weekly habit. I bought the Lappträsk old school house from Lappträsk interest organisation in February, and first arrived here in March. I have spent time since then pottering about, learning to use the pellet burner, finding my feet, talking with local tradesmen, applying for building permit for what will be my dwelling and generally getting the feel of the building.

The snow has now melted, I do not need the pellet burner anymore, I have permission from the planning authority to start converting the west part to dwelling, and I have contacted at least some of the trades that are absolutely critical for the conversion to be approved so that I can actually live here. I will need a fire specialist, an electrician and a plumber. I have also talked to a carpenter, a mason and a couple of roofers.

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